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The Importance Of Utility Location in Tacoma, WA

If you are starting a new construction project of any kind, it is vital that you pay great attention to the land around you via the process of utility location. This is one step you don’t want to skip. Ignoring the importance of utility location is like taking a huge gamble with your construction or digging project. It’s much safer and smarter to use utility location services to know what’s lurking beneath the surface and avoid these expensive and potentially dangerous surprises. However, it is also vital that you turn to a tested, reliable company like Scan2Core for all your utility location needs.

What Happens If You Don’t Use Utility Location?

Not using utility location before digging or doing any construction work can lead to a bunch of problems. The biggest risk is that you might accidentally hit or damage underground pipes, cables, or wires. For example, you could accidentally rupture a gas line, causing a dangerous leak, or cut through an electrical cable, which might lead to power outages or even electrical shocks.

Remember, when you damage a utility, you’re on the hook for repairs. Fixing a broken gas or water line can be costly, and you might be liable for the expenses. Additionally, hitting utilities can pose serious safety risks. Gas leaks could, of course, lead to explosions, while damaged electrical lines may cause fires or electrical shocks.

You might also find yourself in legal trouble if you didn’t follow local regulations or get the necessary permits for your construction work. Ignoring utility location requirements can result in fines and penalties.

What Is The Utility Location Process Like?

Utility location is done by using a combination of tools and techniques to find and mark the underground utilities. 

  • Research: The first step is to gather information about the location of utilities. This might include reviewing existing utility maps as-built drawings, and contacting local utility companies for their records.
  • Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR): Our utility locators at Scan2Core use a handheld device called ground-penetrating radar (GPR). This tool sends radar waves into the ground and measures how they bounce back. When the radar waves hit something, like a buried pipe or cable, they bounce back differently, and this helps locate the utility’s position.
  • Electromagnetic Locators: Another tool, known as an electromagnetic locator, is used to find electrical lines, metal pipes, and cables. It generates an electromagnetic field, and when it encounters a conductive material, it detects the signal and helps pinpoint the utility’s location.
  • Visual Inspection: Sometimes, simple visual inspection is used to locate above-ground utility markers, such as manhole covers, utility boxes, or visible pipes.
  • Marking: Once a utility is located, it’s marked on the ground’s surface with colorful paint or flags. Different colors may represent various types of utilities.
  • Documentation: Our utility locators always keep detailed records of their findings, including the type of utility, its depth, and its precise location. These records are crucial for future reference and safety.
  • Safety Precautions: Throughout the process, safety is our top priority. Utility locators follow established safety procedures to avoid damage to the utilities they are working to locate and to ensure their own safety.


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