Utility Location in Bellevue, WA

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Utility Location in Bellevue, WA

For years, Scan2Core has been a reliable, professional, and affordable company capable of completing all of your utility location needs. It might not be a household name, but utility location is, in fact, vitally important in many ways. It is basically the process of finding and marking where various underground utilities like water pipes, gas lines, electrical cables, and sewer systems are buried beneath the ground.

When you’re building something new, committing to some renovations, or even just digging a hole in your yard, you don’t want to hit one of these buried utilities accidentally. That could lead to big trouble, like water leaks, power outages, or something even worse. Therefore, utility location experts like the ones at Scan2Core use a list of tools such as ground-penetrating radar and electromagnetic sensors to figure out where these hidden treasures are.

Once we find them, they mark the ground with spray paint, flags, or little stakes to show you where it’s safe to dig or work without causing any underground chaos.

What Situations Require Utility Location?

People might need to use utility location services in various everyday situations. Here are just a few scenarios where our utility location operations come in handy:

  • Home Renovations: If you’re planning to add a swimming pool, build an extension, or redo your landscaping, you’d want to know where gas, water, or electrical lines are to avoid damaging them while digging or excavating.
  • Installing Fences or Mailboxes: When you’re putting up a fence or installing a mailbox in your front yard, you’ll want to be sure you’re not planting posts right on top of underground utilities.
  • Construction Projects: Whether it’s a big commercial construction site or a DIY home project, utility location is crucial to ensure you don’t disrupt existing utility lines when digging foundations, trenches, or laying down new infrastructure.
  • Repair Work: If you suspect a leak in your water or gas line or if the power goes out and you’re not sure why, utility location can help identify the problem areas for faster and more efficient repairs.
  • Tree Planting: When planting trees or shrubs, you want to avoid damaging water or sewer lines, which could happen if you dig without knowing what’s beneath the surface.
  • Digging for Landscaping: Whether you’re adding a garden bed, a pond, or outdoor lighting, utility location prevents accidents and costly repairs by avoiding utility lines.
  • Construction of Roads and Sidewalks: For city planners and construction crews, utility location is crucial to prevent damage to underground infrastructure during road and sidewalk construction or repair.
  • Emergency Situations: In cases of natural disasters, utility location can be crucial for emergency response teams to understand the location of vital utilities in affected areas quickly.

Essentially, utility location is your go-to service whenever you’re about to dig, build, or renovate, and you want to avoid hitting or damaging the essential stuff that keeps your home and community up and running. It’s like having a treasure map that guides you away from buried treasures you don’t want to find.


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Rely On Us for Utility Location in Bellevue, WA

Scan2Core is second to none when it comes to utility location. And as you can see, this is an operation that you need to handle well with care. It doesn’t matter what sort of construction project you are approaching, we are ready to help!

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