Concrete Scanning Services in Redmond, WA

Scan2Core, Inc. is a leading provider of Concrete Scanning services across the Pacific Northwest.

Cutting-Edge Concrete Scanning Services in Redmond, WA

Discover the secrets hidden within your concrete structures with Scan2Core, your premier destination for advanced Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology. At Scan2Core, we specialize in non-destructive concrete scanning, offering unparalleled precision and clarity in revealing the concealed elements within your structures in Redmond, WA.

Precision Imaging for Comprehensive Insights

Our advanced systems generate high-resolution images using state-of-the-art technology comparable to X-ray imaging to unveil hidden elements concealed within your concrete structures. 

Our scanning services specialize in identifying conduits, pipes, rebar, post-tension cables, voids, and mesh and accurately determining concrete thickness. These invaluable insights are pivotal for successful construction and renovation projects, ensuring precision and informed decision-making at every stage.

Unveil the Invisible Landscape with Scan2Core

Embrace a revolutionary approach to structural imaging and core drilling with Scan2Core, Inc. Our innovative mobile Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology surpasses conventional X-ray equipment, ensuring precise identification of rebar, post-tension cables, pipes, and conduits within concrete structures, slabs, floors, and walls.

Safety Redefined: Non-Destructive Scanning

Dissimilar to X-rays, our GPR technology operates non-destructively without requiring evacuation or access to both sides of a concrete structure. Operating at only one-tenth of the radiation emitted by a cell phone, our scanning process ensures safety during regular business hours without disrupting normal operations or risking the safety of occupants.

Reducing Risks, Ensuring Efficiency

Avoid damaging crucial structural elements like conduit, rebar, and post-tension cables. Our GPR surveys executed by Scan2Core, Inc. pinpoint hazards within your concrete, mitigating risks and preventing costly project delays.

Benefits of GPR Scanning by Scan2Core

  • Real-time NDT Technique: Swiftly locates post-tension cables, rebar, and electrical conduits, eliminating dangers associated with cutting or drilling.
  • Accurate Target Location: Precise identification of targets within concrete structures, guaranteeing swift, safe, and cost-effective operations.
  • Safety & Minimal Disruption: GPR ensures safety around people and minimizes operational disruptions, offering a seamless scanning experience.
    Digital Recordings for Analysis: Capturing data digitally for comprehensive analysis, allowing for precise interpretation and informed decision-making.

Master Construction Insights with GPR Scanning

Our GPR equipment utilizes electromagnetic waves to detect interfaces between differing materials within the ground subsurface or other structures. Changes in these waves identify various elements like voids, reinforcing bars, utilities, conduits, and more. The data collected is digitally processed, providing crucial insights for construction projects of all scales.

Unmatched Service for Diverse Applications

From hi-rise buildings, hospitals, airports, and universities to retail, residential, and industrial construction sites, our high-quality services cater to diverse construction environments with precision and expertise.

Request Your Free Concrete Scanning Estimate in Redmond, WA

Experience prompt and efficient service tailored to your project needs. Scan2Core, Inc. offers fast turnaround times, often providing same-day service. Whether it’s a minor core drilling or a major concrete-cutting project, our skilled GPR Technicians ensure your project remains on schedule and within budget.

Our focus on precision, safety, and efficiency ensures you have the knowledge needed to make informed decisions and maintain structural integrity. Contact us today to explore how our state-of-the-art GPR technology can benefit your construction or renovation project. Let Scan2Core be your trusted partner in uncovering the concealed potential within your concrete structures.


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Our services are indispensable for slab-on-grade or elevated concrete decks in diverse settings like high-rise buildings, hospitals, airports, universities, and a myriad of retail, residential, and industrial construction sites.

Experience the precision and reliability of our concrete scanning service in Tacoma, WA. Contact Scan2Core, Inc. today to ensure the safety and integrity of your concrete structures.

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