Concrete Scanning Services in Tacoma, WA

Scan2Core, Inc. is a leading provider of Concrete Scanning services across the Pacific Northwest.

Precision Concrete Scanning Services in Tacoma, WA

Revealing the concealed components within concrete structures is crucial for both construction and renovation projects. Our cutting-edge concrete scanning service in Tacoma, WA, offers non-destructive Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology, providing unrivaled insights into your structures without disturbing their integrity.

Reveal the Unseen with Clarity

At Scan2Core, Inc., we specialize in structural imaging and core drilling, employing state-of-the-art mobile GPR technology. Unlike traditional X-ray methods that necessitate job site evacuation and access to both sides of a structure, our GPR-based approach offers unparalleled precision in locating rebar, post-tension cables, pipes, and conduits within concrete slabs, floors, and walls.

Our technology is not only safer than X-rays but also ensures minimal disruption. Emitting only a fraction of the radiation emitted by a cell phone, our equipment allows scanning during regular business hours without affecting daily operations.

Safe and Non-Invasive Scanning

We conduct scans within sensitive environments like hospitals, busy businesses, and computer centers without disturbing occupants or compromising electronic equipment. Our real-time GPR surveys promptly identify potential problem areas, mitigating risks before any concrete cutting or drilling.

Avoiding damage to structural elements such as conduit, rebar, or post-tension cables is crucial in averting hazards and project delays. A GPR survey by Scan2Core, Inc. significantly minimizes these risks, ensuring a smoother construction process.

The Power of GPR Scanning

  • Real-time Non-Destructive Testing (NDT): Swiftly pinpoint the positions of post-tension cables, rebar, and electrical conduits without risking structural damage.
  • Accurate Target Location: Precisely identify potential hazards, enabling proactive measures to prevent costly damage or delays.
  • Safety and Minimal Disruption: Conduct scans with minimal disturbance, ensuring a safe environment for occupants and ongoing operations.
  • Digitally Recorded: The data captured is digitally processed, providing a clear visual output for interpretation.


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Get High-Quality Service

Our services are indispensable for slab-on-grade or elevated concrete decks in diverse settings like high-rise buildings, hospitals, airports, universities, and a myriad of retail, residential, and industrial construction sites.

Experience the precision and reliability of our concrete scanning service in Tacoma, WA. Contact Scan2Core, Inc. today to ensure the safety and integrity of your concrete structures.

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