Concrete Core Drilling

What is Core Drilling?

Scan2Core, Inc. uses diamond tip coring and cutting blades. Diamond core drilling is an efficient and accurate method of drilling a wide variety of hard materials. Core drilling can be performed in steel reinforced concrete slabs, walls, brick, asphalt, masonry block or even stone.—without vibration. No vibration ensures that nearby structures aren't damaged in the drilling process. This makes diamond core drilling the technique of choice for environmentally-conscious contractors.

Typical applications:

  • Floor drains.
  • HVAC openings.
  • Phone, electrical, cable, and fiber optic openings.
  • Concrete bore for sampling.
  • Sewer drains and sewer tie-ins.

Some Key Benefits

At Scan2Core, Inc, our combination of specialized equipment and efficient manpower reduce job downtime. We are safe, quick, and clean!

  • Core drilling is the cleanest, most economical way to drill into a concrete wall or slab.
  • Core drilling offers contractors flexibility and a solution to potential problems.
  • It keeps the structural integrity of surrounding areas intact.
  • Precision drilling.
  • Very effective in limited spaces.

Scan2Core, Inc core drilling operators work in tandem with our scanning technicians with a unique knowledge of both GPR and post-tensioning. Using our expertise and “team-work” approach, our staff can minimize the risks of damage to embedded targets during the coring process.

Scan2Core, Inc concrete coring operators are experienced and ready to perform this highly skilled service for you.

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