3D Laser Scanning

For contractors who need to collect as-built conditions data in advance of a new or renovation project, the Trimble® GX 3D Scanner offers some unbeatable advantages prior to the pour. CAPTURE ALL THE POINTS YOU NEED, NOT JUST ALL THE POINTS. With the latest generation of the Trimble® GXTM 3D Scanner, we can collect millions of points for photo-realistic resolution, or we can collect exactly the number of points you need. It’s up to you: Trimble® SureScanTM patented technology lets you scan smarter—and faster. Trimble SureScan automatically adapts your scanning parameters to the geometry of a scanned object, and controls scanning movement to keep a constant user-defined space between points in 3D. At Scan2Core, Inc. being more efficient in the field operation translates directly into faster and easier data processing.

The Trimble GX 3D Scanner is just one advanced component of a superior surveying and Spatial Imaging solution that lets Scan2Core, Inc. capture, extract, and analyze spatial data . Comprising the Trimble GX itself, the field- proven Trimble® TSC2® controller, and the powerful RealWorks SurveyTM office software, the complete system enables Scan2Core CAD experts to generate compelling deliverables for clients.

Using the Trimble RealWorks Survey, Scan2Core, Inc. can take the millions of points captured in a single scan and convert them into a usable form for processing in RealWorks Survey or your favorite CAD package . RealWorks Survey automates each step from data capture to client-ready deliverable—it’s powerful but extremely easy to use.

With the simple user interface, compact design and colorized point cloud, the scan data is particularly well suited to collecting existing locations of post-tensioned cables, rebar, conduits, and other critical items to be avoided for mechanical, electrical, or plumbing systems and prior to the concrete deck being poured. This is particularly critical as building designs often change and are modified or the layout/sleeve crew misses critical locations and all MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) sleeves have been installed and the concrete poured.

Once the scans are complete, Trimble’s point cloud modeling and detailing solutions and Scan2Core's CAD experts fully integrate the scan data into your virtual design workflow for easy analysis of existing systems and faster turnaround time of design build-out. This process, if done correctly, can eliminate the excessive use of GPR when plans are modified or mistakes are made.

Challenge the idea that 3D laser scanning is inefficient and complex, schedule an appointment today and ensure your buildings "as-built" historical documentation. After multiple TI's and as businesses come and go, your buildings structural integrity will be more secure if you take the steps necessary prior to each concrete pour!