3D Laser Scanning Service in Redmond, WA

Scan2Core, Inc. is a leading provider of Concrete Scanning services across the Pacific Northwest.

Precision 3D Laser Scanning Service in Redmond, WA

Looking for a reliable 3D Laser Scanning Service in Redmond, WA? Look no further than Scan2Core, Inc. We use the latest technology and tools to provide your construction project with unmatched precision and innovation. Our expert team is here to help you unlock the future of construction precision.

Unparalleled Accuracy and Efficiency

We rely on our advanced Trimble GX 3D Scanner to provide exceptional service, allowing us to capture as-built conditions with unparalleled accuracy.

Our scanning technology captures millions of high-resolution points, enabling us to offer unmatched precision in Redmond, WA.

Streamlined Field Operations

Our scanning process is optimized with Trimble SureScanTM patented technology, allowing faster and more intelligent data collection. By adapting scanning parameters to the geometry of the object you need to scan, we maintain consistent spacing between points in 3D. This ensures that your project benefits from increased efficiency without sacrificing accuracy.

Comprehensive Spatial Imaging Solution

Our service isn’t just about scanning. It’s a complete solution encompassing the Trimble TSC2 controller and the powerful RealWorks SurveyTM software. This combination allows our CAD experts to extract, analyze, and deliver compelling spatial data that enhances your project’s capabilities.

Benefits of Our 3D Laser Scanning Service

Insightful Data Extraction

We go beyond merely collecting data – we delve into extracting valuable insights from the captured point cloud. Whether it’s identifying critical elements like post-tensioned cables, rebar, or conduits, our colorized point cloud simplifies data interpretation.

Post-Pour Scanning Expertise

Our technology allows us to scan and detect modifications or missed critical locations even after pouring the concrete. In an evolving construction landscape where changes are commonplace, this adaptability proves to be crucial.

Seamless Integration with CAD

Our CAD experts seamlessly integrate scan data into your virtual design workflow. This facilitates easy analysis of existing systems and accelerates your project’s design build-out process.

Reduced Reliance on GPR

With our meticulous scanning approach and technology, we significantly reduce the need for excessive Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) usage, especially when plans undergo modifications or errors.

Why Choose Our 3D Laser Scanning Service in Redmond, WA?

Are you looking for a reliable construction partner to handle diverse projects? Look no further than us! Our expertise includes everything from slab-on-grade or elevated concrete decks in high-rise buildings to hospitals, airports, universities, and various residential and industrial construction sites in Redmond, WA. 

Let us bring our experience and professionalism to your next project and see the results for yourself!

Reliable Concrete X-Ray Service

Need concrete X-ray services? We’ve got you covered! Our skilled technicians ensure prompt service, from minor core drilling to major concrete-cutting projects, always ensuring your project stays on budget and on time.

Embrace Precision with Our 3D Laser Scanning Service in Redmond, WA.

Challenge the status quo and embrace efficiency and precision with our 3D Laser Scanning Service in Redmond, WA. Ensure the historical documentation of your building’s “as-built” conditions, securing its structural integrity amid multiple transformations and business turnovers.

Request your free concrete scanning estimate today and experience the difference our cutting-edge technology and expert team can make to your construction project in Redmond, WA. Get in touch with us to elevate your construction project to new heights of precision and efficiency!


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Get High-Quality Service

Our services are indispensable for slab-on-grade or elevated concrete decks in diverse settings like high-rise buildings, hospitals, airports, universities, and a myriad of retail, residential, and industrial construction sites.

Experience the precision and reliability of our concrete scanning service in Tacoma, WA. Contact Scan2Core, Inc. today to ensure the safety and integrity of your concrete structures.

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