The art of choosing the right GPR Antenna

Differing concrete decks require a GPR technician to be fully aware of changing situations. For instance, if you have a concrete deck that is 20″ thick, a 2.6 mhz antenna is not going to penetrate the concrete much beyond 10″ and will give you an incomplete reading of all items that are below the surface of the concrete. A properly trained technician from Scan2Core, Inc.. will recognize this immediately and will change antennas from a 2.6 mhz to a 1.6 or 1.5 mhz antenna and will adjust many of his/her other settings in the GPR unit as well, which will enable better visibility. One of the most important items to identify when scanning concrete is to clearly identify the bottom. Failure to accomplish this initial task can lead to wrong interpretations of items in or below the concrete slab.

If you’re in a highly congested area, the Hilti concrete scanner will not due. It is a very wide imaging unit and requires large, flat, open areas when scanning. A better antenna would be GSSI’s Palm antenna which is also part of Scan2Core, Inc. arsenal. This antenna can scan in congested areas that are only as wide as the “palm” of your hand and can see images below the concrete up to 12″ deep if the age of the concrete is right. It is also ideal in scanning areas close to walls and overhead.

If you have a thinner deck, maybe a pan-deck, the 2.6 mhz antenna might be the right choice for the job.
Make sure your GPR technician is using the right ground penetrating radar antenna for the job at hand.

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