Before contacting your Scan2Core GPR technician

All GPR scans begin and end with the initial underlying need a given contractor or client may encounter.  Each project usually begins with a phone call.  It is important for you to have as much information as possible before making that call.  We will need to know several pieces of information regarding your project:

  • The number of cores or areas that you will need scanned
  • The material makeup of the concrete deck or surface your needing imaged
  • Any contractual agreements necessary
  • Any congestion or items on the surface that might interfere with imaging and mapping process
  • What writing utensil should be used when marking findings on surface– permanent, crayon, chalk, pencil, paint stick, etc…
  • Job name, PO# or Job#
  • Site address
  • Site contact
  • Time and date for scanning to be performed
  • Email for sending final invoice, photos, findings, reports
  • Site contact must be present to complete communication cycle job site requirements implemented by Scan2Core, Inc.

From there, our GPR imager will arrive at the job site at the pre-determined time to meet the site contact and go over the specific locations you need scanned.  Depending upon the amount of areas you need imaged and the overall scope of work, our tech will finish the work on time and on budget.  Our GPR tech will report all findings to the site contact and will take photos of all work completed which will then be attached to a final invoice with a report of our findings included.  It is the responsibility of our technicians to clearly communicate with the site contact any dangers or issues that he/she may have encountered with specific locations scanned.  If a complete cycle of communication was not met, our GPR technician will not give a green light to cut, core, drill, or embed until our job site communication requirements have been fully implemented.

Contact Scan2Core, Inc. before you cut, core, drill, or embed on your project!